Each pregnancy a woman carries is unique; a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To bring another human being into the world through such intimate sharing of one’s own life—there is something awesome and beautiful in pregnancy which I find most clearly expressed in the eyes of the mother. I love capturing these moments in pictures to preserve for a generation—and beyond!

The ideal time to take pregnancy photos is between the 30th and 36th week of pregnancy—before the belly becomes unwieldy and uncomfortable for most women.

As we schedule a photo appointment, we can discuss what sort of photos you have in mind. We can prepare two different backgrounds for the photoshoot according to your wishes—we have several potential backgrounds and set-ups from which you can easily choose. We love to hear what is on your heart for these pictures—we love even better making it happen!

We can take pictures in my studio, at your home, or outdoors. For locations outside of the studio. Within Munich, there will be no additional costs.


Pregnancy fotoshooting - 300€
Ideal ab der 32. Schwangerschaftswoch
* 1,5 Stunden Fotoshooting im Studio oder bei Ihnen zu Hause
* 3 hochauflösende und bearbeitete Fotos Ihrer Wahl als  Download oder auf einem USB Stick
* jede weitere Datei 15€

Die Preise enthalten das Fotografenhonorar, die Bildbearbeitung, dem jeweiligen Produkt selbst und der gesetzlichen Mehrwertsteuer.


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